The game Pixel Gun 3D is celebrating a huge success recently. World wide players assemble on the different kinds of maps to find out who is the best. On this occasion not only skill is needed, you also have to have the right weapons. Who has the best weapons has a big advantage. Weapons can be bought with Coins, but you don’t get a high amount of them during the game. Another option to get Coins is by buying them with real money and a lot of players are actually doing this.

We have good news for you though, because with our Pixel Gun 3D Hack this isn’t necessary anymore! Thanks to our Hack you will get Coins and Gems totally for free. Easily generate them onto your account and buy all the weapons, skins and upgrades you want to have. With them you will dominate the game. Our Hack for Pixel Gun 3D is making this possible.


That’s how you get your items

  1. Enter your Pixel Gun 3D Username
  2. Enter how many Coins and Gems you would like to have
  3. Klick on the Button – Generate –
  4. Buy every weapon, skin, upgrade and dominate the game!


You will receive your items immediately after you have used our Hack successfully. Directly use Pixel Gun 3D Cheats on your mobile phone or PC. Our Hack is optimized for the operating systems Android and iOS. It is also running on every possible PC without any problems.

Features of our Hack

  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Anti-Ban Script
  • Optimized for Android and iOS devices
  • Items will be added immediately!

Don’t worry about getting banned because this is the safest way to use a Hack for Pixel Gun 3D. We already provided many players with Coins and Gems and they never got banned! Thanks to our Anti-Ban Script and the use of Proxies the producers of the game will never know that you have used our Hack.


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About the game

Pixel Gun 3D isn’t on the market for a long time but still it belongs to one of the most popular multiplayer shooters in these times. The look reminds of the game Minecraft but has actually nothing to do with it. In a lot of different maps players from all over the world are facing each other. There is also a very entertaining singleplayer mode available. In Classic Deathmatches, Deadly Games, Team Battles, Flag Captures, Time Survivals the players are having their fun.

To proof yourself against other players good weapons are required. You can acquire them with Coins. Since Coins are the premium currency of the game they are very hard to get. The game basically wants you to buy them with your own money. But this isn’t necessary anymore, because now you can easily get them with Pixel Gun 3D Cheats. We can offer you the best Pixel Gun 3D Hack apk to get Coins and Gems completely for free.